The MEHRIT Centre

Dr. Stuart Shanker formed The MEHRIT Centre (TMC) in 2012 to work towards a vision of calm, alert students, educators and families flourishing in physically and emotionally nurturing environments. Our mission is to ground learning and living in self-regulation.

TMC is working to improve the lives of children youth, and adults in schools and communities through self-regulation research, education, resources and services. Decades of research have shown that self-regulation is the foundation of healthy human development; adaptive coping skills; positive parenting; learning; safe and caring schools; and vibrant communities. TMC was established to translate this knowledge into practices that will benefit all children, parents, teachers and leaders in schools and communities.

The team at TMC works with parents, educators – early childhood, elementary, secondary, post-secondary – health practitioners, and community agencies to:

  • Provide in-depth learning about the nature of self-regulation in five domains: biological, emotional, cognitive, social and prosocial
  • Provide training in the Shanker Self-Reg Method™ for enhancing self-regulation in children, teens and adults
  • Apply Self-Reg to the growing number of problems seen in children and teens, such as anxiety, bullying, ADHD, depression, learning disorders, obesity, declining resilience, video game and junk food addiction offers a range of resources and services including:

  • online learning (certification programs, webinars and webcasts)
  • conferences, training events and symposia
  • research and evaluation
  • customized support for schools and communities
  • an online community of practice
  • articles, blogs newsletters and printable information about self-regulation
  • news about events and developments in the Self-Reg community